Media Mentions


In the interest of establishing some personal finance street cred (and assuring all y’all that I’m not just making all of this up), here are some media mentions over the past few years. Some had to do with my e-books, others with my financial habits and overall lean-FIRE. Here is hoping there will be more to come, to spread the word of the Let’s Retire Young blog far and wide, eh.


2011, New York Times: College Students Find Creative Ways to Make Money


2019, Wall Street Journal: Getting Into the 800 Credit Score Club Is Tough—Staying in Is Tougher

2021, Bloomberg: Amazon, Microsoft and the Seattle shakeout over remote work

2021, live interview: Quitting the rat race & enjoying early retirement (lean-FIRE)

(Note to self: self, next time there’s a video interview, use a non-swivel chair! I’ve already upgraded to a better webcam and an actual microphone, so I won’t look like a blurry hyperactive air controller next time.)